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Located in beautiful Calvert County in the city of Dunkirk, Maryland; the winery is centrally located in the heart of the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Watershed. Founded by Vintner Jarl Weyant, the winery was named after his passion for both trains as a young man as well as his interest in vinification (winemaking).

For years Jarl pursued his winemaking as a hobby until 2015 when he decided to turn his hobby into a business; a business that he could be passionate about.

Winemaking at Whistle Stop Winery starts with a selection of the grapes and other fruits to create unique, exquisite and well-balanced wines for any occasion. Tasters will be able to take in the aromas and flavors from Central Maryland that are unique to this area.

Winemaking can be divided into two general categories: still wine production (without carbonation) and sparkling wine production (with carbonation — natural or injected). Whistle Stop Winery is currently in production of wines without carbonation and two of our favorites are Tender Peach Wine and Coal Car Cranberry Wine.

For more information, please contact us at (443)964-5820 or email us at whistlestopwinery@gmail.com for inquiries about purchasing bottles, cases as well as learn about where we’ll be showcasing available wines at local Farmer’s Markets and Wine Festivals.

Some of Our Vintages

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Upcoming Events & Festivals Where you Can Taste our Wines!

Crofton Farmers Market Crofton Country Club Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm running thru Oct 23rd.

Deale Farmers Market Deale Public Library Thursdays from 3pm to 6pm thru the end of Sept

Severna Park Farmers Market  8am to noon August 24th  Sept 7th and 21st.

North Beach Farmers Market North Beach Md Friday nights from 6pm to 9pm  August 23rd and Sept 20th

Taste of the Beaches Chesapeake Md Sept 14th 12pm to 5pm

Dove Valley Winery Rising Sun Md from 11am to 7pm

Sotterly Plantation Hollywood Md Oct 5th and 6th,





Whistle Stop Winery

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